Belly Hugs

Welcome Spring Break! Or what we get of one around these parts. I have big crafting plans for this extended weekend, so hopefully I’ll get lots of blogging fodder done around these parts. I have joined the legs for my baby pants, but have been having some troubles getting going on the waist. I started on DPN’s, thought it might be easier on 2 circs, fought the circular needles for a day, then went back to DPN’s. So I’ve only done about 5 rows, but it looks like it will turn out ok. I’ll have picks later. You thought sock knitting on DPN’s was dangerous, wait till you have 9 needles going on a project!

One consequence that my cats are unhappy about due to my pregnancy is lack of a lap to sit in. There are very few times they can actually curl up on my lap because of shrinking lap space. Last night there was a rare moment when I was reading blogs, and Freyja jumped up and found a comfy position. I caught this picture, which was cute, as well as showing you how much my belly has grown!


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