Knitting to Match my Cat



Yummy yarn that I wound up for a new project.


This is how far I am. Not that far. Definitely much farther to go.


I did notice that when this is done, and Davis wears his sweater, he will be matchy-matchy with the cat. (he’s so excited!)

0 thoughts on “Knitting to Match my Cat

  1. Oh, I bet Davis just LOVES that. At least he won’t show cat hair when he wears it. 🙂

    How are you feeling, mommy?

    I found the spring Interweave Crochet buried on my kitchen counter, and it has inspired a newfound passion for crochet (I knew I’d get it back!). Woo hoo!


  2. I guess I had better start working on my sleeves for my Cobblestone. It won’t do for you to finish your’s before I finish mine. And one thing about the color is that you won’t see any stray cat hairs on it art least.


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