In the baby countdown, we are now at 37 weeks! The baby could come soon, or it could be another month!

I realized that I haven’t shown you pictures of the baby’s room since I painted, so here are some of the things we have ‘installed’.

This is a handmade dresser I found at a ‘bargain furniture barn’. Perfect height for a changing table, rim around the edge to keep stuff on, plus it’s the right price and I love the fact that someone made it themselves. It has it’s own quirks, which makes it great!


As you can see, the wall color has deepened some from the bright neon green it was before being dry.

I also got a gliding rocker from a coworker. (It’s great to get stuff handed down that you don’t have to buy!) And the little rocking chair used to be Davis’.


We have the crib to put together, and a few pictures to hang. Hopefully we get it put together before the baby gets here!


In terms of knitting progress, there has been none. I have been sewing a small amount, but nothing that is in a stage near completion (except curtains for the baby’s room I have to hang).

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