MDS&W… What Happened?

Yesterday I spent the majority of my Saturday walking around the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. It was a great day, there were ominous clouds predicting rain so the crowds really didn’t start up until close to noon. Then the sun was in and out, making it warm but not too hot.

I met up with a bunch of people from my knit group, saw a bunch of people who’s blogs I read, and walked around with my friends. I saw animals and petted fiber. I walked around and saw most of what was there until I was too tired to walk anymore.

And for all of the petting of fiber, talking with friends, and looking at cute fuzzy fiber animal, what do I have to show?




That’s right, I bought no fiber. No yarn, no roving, no tools to implement my trade (although I was tempted) I took no pictures of anything. I came, I saw, I had a good time, then I left.

Who else had such willpower? Anyone?

0 thoughts on “MDS&W… What Happened?

  1. Well, I can help you out with the no fibre following you home. I think I have some with your name on it. And I will get you copies of the recipes.


  2. Last year you bought very little, so that’s 2 years in a row of amazing willpower!

    I’m sorry I missed it, but my wallet isn’t! 🙂


  3. I was surprised at how little I bought too! Before we got there, it seemed certain that I would want to buy everything I saw, but in the end nothing really spoke to me. However, I went on Sunday, and the rain was unrelenting.


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