Science Geek meets Knitting Nerd

This is pretty cool, combining my multiple personalities – geeky and crafty.

It might make me like chemistry a bit more!

I have been knitting a little bit, but again I don’t have much to show.

This is the Cobblestone sweater I am working on, a little larger than I last showed it, but not much bigger.


It is about 6 inches, with 10 more to go before I start the sleeves. A little bit here and there is making progress.

I was the winner of a random drawing for a contest to win Weekend Sewing over a month ago. I entered a give-away for the book from craft column Running with Needles, which asked readers to give suggestions for portable craft projects you could take on with you this summer. My contribution was

Watercolor post cards  – they make pencils that bleed like watercolor paints. You draw on the card, then you can wash them in a stream or lake you are visiting this summer, and let dry. This would be great with kids as well, they can draw memories from the summer, and write a note on the back to themselves. Then you can ‘send’ them their post card later in the year to remind them about the time they had on vacation.

As of yet, I have flipped through a few pages, but have yet to immerse myself in it, but I have been intrigued by the projects I have seen on other peoples blogs. I’ll definitely making something out of it, some year!

And yes, I am reading blogs, and may comment here and there. Look forward to seeing you around the net!

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