I Finished Something!

(Note – Do not ruin my joy by pointing out that it only takes an hour to make one. I know this. I, however, consider it a major triumph that not only did I finish not one, but TWO objects, and have figured out how to knit/crochet while feeding a baby!)

Yesterday I went to visit my grandmother so she could teach me how to make scrubbies!


Scrubbies are made of netting that has been cut into strips, then crocheted into a little pouch to make a device you can use to wash dishes, clean the house, or wash your car (plus some other things that need scrubbed). My family have been using these for decades. My grandmother said she learned it from a pattern, but no longer remembers which pattern it was.


The are not hard to make, these scrubbies. You basically start with a few chained stitches, increase for a while, do one row even, then decrease. It is a fairly quick process. One trick is to crochet loosely, which was hard to do, and I made some mistakes on my stitch count, so my first one was a bit misshapen. Which doesn’t matter in the long run. The blue one is my grandmothers, and the red one is mine.

And since they go so fast, I made another one!


Yes, that is correct! I made two in one day! That is two hours of craft time I spent yesterday!


My cats think that they make great toys, and they would probably happily play with them even more if I stuffed a catnip sachet into them!

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