Team Time Trials

So yesterday was the team time trial (TTT) of the Tour. The group over on Ravelry decided to do their own version of the TTT, by knitting for an hour, calculate your hourly stitch rate, and then averaging the top five from the team.

In order to get in my best showing, I decided to work on the Cobblestone sweater, since it was the least fiddly UFO I have in the running for the polka-dot jersey.


So far my sweater measures 10.5 inches from the cast on edge. I’m supposed to knit until it measures 16 inches, where it will join the arms. To me, this is looking a bit short. 16 inches? still looks short. So I held it up to get a better feel for the length.


Yeah, it will probably be fine. Might need to add an inch or two for Husband#1 depending on his liking.

And my stitch rate? 1431 sts per hour. Not bad.

On to stage 5 today, and a visit to the Dr’s office for some shots! ‘Yay’! (If I start rambling incoherently, it’s because I have a cranky post-vaccination girly at home!)

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