It's more than a mindset, people!

I don’t get it.

If I go to the store, I take my own bags. That way, I’m not wasting plastic. However if, I’m a bit too slow in pointing out that I have my own bag, they might put it in a bag first.

And what happens if this occurs?

They take the items out of the plastic bag, then proceed to throw that bag away!!

0 thoughts on “It's more than a mindset, people!

  1. I know, it’s baffling! We’re lucky that in Toronto they recently passed a law that stores need to charge for plastic bags. This is great for those of us who bring our own bags because cashiers are finally asking first!


  2. That is annoying…When I remember to bring them, I put them on the belt first, less fuss and muss..(actually my giant has the scan gun and I love scanning and bagging all my stuff!) Then I just pay and go! 🙂
    Oh well, changes in society require baby steps…


  3. How about when they put it into a plastic bag, then when they realize you’ve got your own bag, they just plop the plastic-bagged item into your reusable bag. Seriously, people!


  4. Sometimes they just don’t get it. Even at the co-op, they will sometimes still use a small plastic bag. Okay, it is to put a laundry product or something frozen in to give it a little bit extra protection.


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