Too All Slow Knitters

I had an epiphany today.

A lot of knitters out there (including me) have at least at one time or another wished they knit faster. It would be great if you could finish more projects, or get to more of the items in your queue. Believe me, I have lots of things I want to make. I was just thinking of all the great things I would like to make for my daughter, that even if I started them now it probably wouldn’t get done in time for her to wear it. I can also think of all of the reasons it is good to knit slowly (mindful knitting gives benefits similar to yoga, the pleasure of each stitch for a process knitter, etc). However I compare my speed to other knitters and wish I could just go faster (or at this point, knit at all!).

Yet when another online yarn-store ad appeared in my inbox, I realized that there is another benefit of taking time to finish projects. Don’t feel frustrated if you are feeling like you can’t knit fast enough. Look on the bright side; you save money on yarn because it takes you longer to use it! (ignore the stash flowing from the closet!)

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