This Face


If asked, what age would you say this face would be? Today was my birthday, and it was a milestone! I don’t really feel older, just different, and that has to do more with having a baby than the birthday.

We went to an Indian restaurant for dinner, and it was good. There were many family peeps there, and Riley even dressed up to celebrate. She was happy about the dress, just not about me taking her picture. (I think she is getting tired of the camera)


I received a great new (SHARP!) set of kitchen knives from Davis (I only asked for a great chef’s knife, and I got a whole set!), some cool jewelry from my sister and grandparents, and a gift certificate to the Loopy Ewe from the in-laws! (What would you spend it on? It is hard deciding, I have about $200 worth of stuff in my cart, and I have to narrow it down) Riley gave me hugs and kisses!

Happy Birthday to all of my fellow Leo’s, hope you had a good one!

6 thoughts on “This Face

  1. Happy Birthday!

    I’ve been 29 for years. A decade, actually. And I’m about to turn 29 again! (The BIG 29.) Stay whatever age you want; no one will know any differently unless you tell them. 😉 Of course, once your daughter is older than you are, the truth may come out…


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