Long Time Away

Hello all of my blog-readers who might still be out there! I am still alive, I did not perish from fatigue!

First my computer broke, and it took like a month to fix. By that point I had lost so much sleep and was so busy with everything else that I didn’t have time to blog. (I really don’t have time now!) So here I am, and I will try to blog again in the near future, but believe me it might be another week.

In the knitting realm, not much is happening. I have been knitting on the same stripy baby pants, only about 3 inches from completion. I did sit down to stitch on it the other day, and realized that not only had my cats chewed through the working yarn, but they had chewed a small hole in the fabric as well! Luckily it was on the side of the pants and small, I think I did an ok job at fixing it.


For my cousin I made some thank you cards to send to her in addition to other baby gifts. I like the ones with the stamps vertically the best.

I have also sewn a small amount, a bib or two, cut out a few patterns, and made baby food. Making baby food is easy! Plus, I get lots of fresh, organic veggies from my mom’s garden so I have plenty of cheap, good food for the baby.


Speaking of the baby, did you ever see anyone so cute?! I didn’t think so!

0 thoughts on “Long Time Away

  1. Welcome back!

    Oh my gosh, Steph, look at her! She’s so cute, and has so much HAIR! Beautiful, and growing so fast!

    I wish I could freeze Zack as a baby forever, but maybe after he starts sleeping through the night. 🙂


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