Let it Snow

We are getting hit with a ton of snow around these parts. Nice to be snowed in with my hubby and baby and not have to worry about anyone going anywhere! Even if we did have to miss the holiday parties this weekend…

I was discussing with a coworker on Friday about the insanity that was most likely occurring in stores. I began to wonder. Why do people rush to buy toilet paper, bread, and milk? Anyone know the significance of these items? Why not other things? Have I been unknowingly outside of the norm by buying toilet paper in bulk, instead of one roll at a time? And how many meals can you make with milk and bread? Won’t you get rickets or scurvy or something if you don’t get other things, like actual food?

Anyway, I hope you are enjoying your weekend, wherever you are!


0 thoughts on “Let it Snow

  1. Oh, it’s so pretty! We had a few flurries here that didn’t stick, but at least it was kind of a “white” Christmas!
    I’m just glad to be in a cooler climate, though, even if we don’t have much of the white stuff.
    Oh! ps – I’ve started a new swap on ravelry, called the “Heartfelt Handmade” swap. I wanted something economical but where we could all still get a fun handmade gift every few months or so!


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