A Sewing Project

I have two diaper bags, even though I mostly use the one, I have a smaller one that I can take short trips to the store and a larger one that I can take on outings that might last a while. And between small samples and such, I have enough of most things to makeContinue reading “A Sewing Project”

Science Geek meets Knitting Nerd

This is pretty cool, combining my multiple personalities – geeky and crafty. http://yummyyarn.indus3ous.com/archives/periodic_table_of_knitting/ It might make me like chemistry a bit more! … I have been knitting a little bit, but again I don’t have much to show. This is the Cobblestone sweater I am working on, a little larger than I last showed it,Continue reading “Science Geek meets Knitting Nerd”