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Science Geek meets Knitting Nerd

This is pretty cool, combining my multiple personalities – geeky and crafty.

It might make me like chemistry a bit more!

I have been knitting a little bit, but again I don’t have much to show.

This is the Cobblestone sweater I am working on, a little larger than I last showed it, but not much bigger.


It is about 6 inches, with 10 more to go before I start the sleeves. A little bit here and there is making progress.

I was the winner of a random drawing for a contest to win Weekend Sewing over a month ago. I entered a give-away for the book from craft column Running with Needles, which asked readers to give suggestions for portable craft projects you could take on with you this summer. My contribution was

Watercolor post cards  – they make pencils that bleed like watercolor paints. You draw on the card, then you can wash them in a stream or lake you are visiting this summer, and let dry. This would be great with kids as well, they can draw memories from the summer, and write a note on the back to themselves. Then you can ‘send’ them their post card later in the year to remind them about the time they had on vacation.

As of yet, I have flipped through a few pages, but have yet to immerse myself in it, but I have been intrigued by the projects I have seen on other peoples blogs. I’ll definitely making something out of it, some year!

And yes, I am reading blogs, and may comment here and there. Look forward to seeing you around the net!

Two Steps Forward, One Back

I’m getting used to this mothering thing. It is wonderful thing, if somewhat mind-boggling at times, that you created this extraordinary life. Then others, you wonder why no one told you all of the pitfalls in store for you. I wouldn’t give it up, but I do wish it was just a bit easier. (No, I know it is not supposed to be easy, but this first month has been difficult in some respects, more so than average.)

For example:

Forward: She sleeps for 4-6 hour stretches during the night for a few days

Back: Then the next night she wakes up every 2!

Forward: I’m finally starting to get comfortable with nursing after a very rocky start.

Back: Then she decides to have a growth spurt and chows down more frequently!

Forward: She likes her bath, not crying during any part of it.

Back: The next time, she screams the whole time, and daddy asks what I did to the baby!


But it is all worth it, right?!


I’ve been doing things that are blog-worthy.


It’s just that I have to prioritize.

Blogging comes after eating, sleeping, showering, and resting.


Hope things are going well with you!

Still Kicking

It has been two weeks, and we are all still alive and well here at Casa Davis. While everything is going as well as can be expected, I have been informed that I am not letting you all know what is going on here lately. I keep attempting to blog, however a shower and food seems more important in my short stretches of time to myself. And sleep, that is important too!

I haven’t been doing much crafty stuff. I did start sewing and extra changing pad (didn’t finish though), and did knit 3 rows on the sweater a day ago. (Mia, yours is going to be done before mine at this rate.) Other than that, I have been dreaming a few crafty dreams, but not many, since dreaming isn’t what I get to do a lot of.

So I’ll share with you the rest of the crafty, handmade things people have given me. I have more blankets that people have made for me, first this awesome star blanket that my friend Kacey made (recognize it Jess?)


…and a fleece tie-blanket my aunt and cousin made. Very snuggly.


There is also this amazing blanket my grandmother, the one who taught me to knit, made for Riley.


My friend Bri gave me a Monstoe bunny, very cute, squishy and adorable.


I can just see this being drug around by one leg behind chubby legs! And the other morning when it was cooler, I put her in the little sweater I made for her.


It fits, but the sleeves are a little short. She still likes it though!

And mom? I got my shower, so don’t worry.

Happy Mother's Day!

Today is Mother’s Day, and I have to say, I have a wonderful mother, who has cleaned my house before the baby came, lost hours of sleep helping my husband and I through labor and delivery, made about 2 weeks worth of food for us so we don’t have to worry about cooking, and been supportive about my learning to be a mother. And this is just what has been happening in the past few days, much less throughout my entire life! Thank you to a wonderful caring, strong woman! I hope to be as great a mom to my little one as you have been to me. I love you Mom!


This is the poem she wrote to me about my pregnancy. I want to share it with you today, for all of the mother’s out there!

To My Daughter While Carrying My Granddaughter

Watching you become a parent,
Warms me from inside.
My little girl, soon a Mother,
Pure happiness and pride.

The precious child you carry,
Is a part of you and me.
I know when I will see you both together,
I see the way we used to be.

The miracle of your birth,
Is a day I won’t forget.
I remember my enchantment,
As our face and eyes first met.

I recall your sweetness,
And your curiosity
I remember your first smile,
Brought tears to loving eyes (both dad and mine)

As your Mother I still shine,
By the woman you’ve become.
First blessed by having you,
And soon your little one.

I pray that as your Mother,
I’ve been all that I can be.
May the love you will give your child,
Be reflection of the love I gave to the.

MDS&W… What Happened?

Yesterday I spent the majority of my Saturday walking around the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. It was a great day, there were ominous clouds predicting rain so the crowds really didn’t start up until close to noon. Then the sun was in and out, making it warm but not too hot.

I met up with a bunch of people from my knit group, saw a bunch of people who’s blogs I read, and walked around with my friends. I saw animals and petted fiber. I walked around and saw most of what was there until I was too tired to walk anymore.

And for all of the petting of fiber, talking with friends, and looking at cute fuzzy fiber animal, what do I have to show?




That’s right, I bought no fiber. No yarn, no roving, no tools to implement my trade (although I was tempted) I took no pictures of anything. I came, I saw, I had a good time, then I left.

Who else had such willpower? Anyone?

Anything Else You Want to Know?

Interesting tidbits I found the other day.  Go here if you want to try it for yourself!


Ten Top Trivia Tips about Steph!

  1. Steph can last longer without water than a camel can!
  2. Steph is the world’s smallest mammal!
  3. The word ‘samba’ means ‘to rub Steph’!
  4. The colour of Steph is no indication of her spiciness, but size usually is.
  5. Steph is the traditional gift for a couple on their third wedding anniversary!
  6. Steph is only six percent water!
  7. The difference between Steph and a village is that Steph does not have a church.
  8. Bananas don’t grow on trees – they grow on Steph.
  9. Never store Steph at room temperature.
  10. If you blow out all the candles on Steph with one breath, your wish will come true.


Some of these sound a bit, well…. naughty!


In the baby countdown, we are now at 37 weeks! The baby could come soon, or it could be another month!

I realized that I haven’t shown you pictures of the baby’s room since I painted, so here are some of the things we have ‘installed’.

This is a handmade dresser I found at a ‘bargain furniture barn’. Perfect height for a changing table, rim around the edge to keep stuff on, plus it’s the right price and I love the fact that someone made it themselves. It has it’s own quirks, which makes it great!


As you can see, the wall color has deepened some from the bright neon green it was before being dry.

I also got a gliding rocker from a coworker. (It’s great to get stuff handed down that you don’t have to buy!) And the little rocking chair used to be Davis’.


We have the crib to put together, and a few pictures to hang. Hopefully we get it put together before the baby gets here!


In terms of knitting progress, there has been none. I have been sewing a small amount, but nothing that is in a stage near completion (except curtains for the baby’s room I have to hang).