Yarn Winding

Yesterday, this is one of the things I did. Since I don’t have a ball winder, or a swift, I went to visit my grandmother, who has both. I did all ten balls in thirty minutes or so. I knew it was faster, but I guess I never lived the reality :o) I already told my husband I would like a ball winder and a swift. I would like the hand-powered kind, not an electric one, which went just as fast, since that is the kind my grandmother has. Thanks grandma!

The brown is the rest of the organic cotton for the shorts I am making. The purple on the left is for socks for me, the silver in the middle is silk for a shawl (I’m thinking forest path), and the green and purple on the right is the one I just got from Bright Dyes, I wanted to see what it looked like all wound up.

I still have no finished projects to show, although I have been knitting much more since school let out last week. Yesterday I worked on three of them (the shorts, the socks for my hogwarts partner, and the socks for my mom). I had to rip out the azalea, as previously mentioned, I couldn’t pick it up earlier and figure out where I was. I also had to rip out the socks I was making for my husband because they were too big.

Earlier this week I spent a few days in WV, near Canaan, biking and hiking with a friend of mine. It was beautiful, so I will leave you with some of my pictures from that trip.


New Yarn

I haven’t talked about the new yarn I have received recently. *

First, I bought two skeins from Dyeabolical over a month ago.


Aren’t they pretty? I’m not sure what I will make with them yet, so they will marinate for a while.

My second bright dyes sock club has come this month. It is called “June”.

More news to come. Good new. (You’ll just have to wait and read!)


*recently is relative. I make no claims as to how long this yarn has been sitting on my desk.

Knitting some lace

I have been working on a lace centerpiece. It is from Modern Lace Knitting (the first one). The pattern is called Azalea. Here is my try so far.

The open circles going away from the center are the middle of the petals. If you can tell, I had started the next row of petals when I realized I had made a mistake that caused one of the petals not to decrease towards a point. I have since ripped this back about six rows, and I can’t tell where I am in the pattern. I think I’m going to have to start over. The other problem with this is that I own a set of Boye interchangeable double points, and they have an abrupt change from the cable to the needle that is hard to slide stitches over at this small of a gauge. I think I’m going to get some more size 2 circs from KnitPicks. However, this will have to wait a while as I realized my second sock for my Hogwarts Sock Partner was wrong and had to be ripped back so I have to reknit it. Sorry Sock Partner!

This weekend I will be going to WV with a friend, and because I no longer have to go to school this summer, I will be gone until Wednesday!

Weekend Past, School Present, Knitting Future

So this past weekend, I was at a place called Big Bear Lake, for Husband’s 24 hour mnt bike race. He and three other guys ride their bikes from noon Saturday until noon Sunday. They take turns, relay style, even at night. Here are some pictures of said race.

Husband getting ready for his first lap

Almost Dark when he is finished

Is Husband trying to be like Vin Diesel?

I did some knitting on socks, however not much, since I a) left my instructions at home, and b) didn’t want my knitting to smell like campfire smoke.

I also started and finished Knitting Under the Influence. My dad got it for me for Christmas this year, and I had just finished the book I was reading (Judas Unchained) before the weekend struck, so I packed it to take with me. It was fluff, not normally what I would read (I’m a sci-fi/fantasy type of gal), however it was good ‘for fun’ reading, and went quickly, even though it was fairly predictable. It surprised me that there was as much reference to knitting as it was, and you could tell that the author knits because of the terms and techniques that are mentioned. The best part of the book is the drink recipes at then end. They are named after the projects the girls in the book work on. Very nice touch. If anyone has another knitting book/novel they would like to trade, I would be happy to swap. I believe postage is $2-something for media, which would be cheaper than buying it.

Presently, I have 3 days left of school, 2 with students. I have been doing some labs and hands-on activities of late, so they are really enjoying the past few weeks. On Friday, we dissected rotting logs to look for what lives in them. It was great. I would share pictures, but there is that whole student confidentiality/protection thing.

As to the future, I have halted progress on almost all projects for one reason or another (to discuss another day) although the main reason for all of them is that I need to finish my Hogwarts Sock Swap Socks. So I will be frantically knitting them today and tomorrow, to get them in the mail by Friday. I think I can finish them, as they are on fairly large gauge.

Projects on the home stretch

I did what I said. Last night I finished the scarf with the hated pink yarn.

I didn’t have enough yarn for it to be quite long enough for an adult, so I might save it for a younger person I might be lucky enough to know in the future. I have decided to call it my Scarf of Two Minds. It’s just K2P2 ribbing.

I am also progressing on my Mom’s Take 3 socks.

For those of you who weren’t here then, I made my mom a sock from Knitting Vintage Socks, pattern Fancy Silk Socks. I ended up with not enough yarn for the second sock, and the yarn was discontinued. The completed sock went in a time capsule. Then, I made another plain stockinette one from the yarn I am using here, and I was two inches (TWO INCHES!) from being done the first sock when my mom decided they were too big. So, I ripped it out, and now I am starting the third sock for my mom. (I love you mom!)

Mom has tried them on, and they fit. Now I am finishing the ankle. Then I just have to make another. (At the end, if all works out, I will have made 4 socks to get a pair. Does my math have problems? Yes, yes it does.) (And I even swatched for the second one. Go figure.)

Hated Pink Revisited

So I was cleaning out my stash this weekend, adding things to Ravelry, when I found this.


Now, there are things in my stash that I absolutely love! There are also a few I am not too fond of. This? This is the only thing that I can passionately say I hate.

If you remember, I was knitting a hat for a friend of mine who had some specific requests. I bought this yarn because it was 1. cheap, and 2. the color he asked for. This is what is left from that venture.

I want it gone.

So, instead of throwing it away, or giving it to someone who deserves pain and suffering will make something they might like with it, I am making a scarf to match my friend’s hat. Maybe it will be a present for later.


Other projects be damned. I am getting this over with.

Sock Tour

Today we have a guest blogger! The sock-in-progress decided it would like to show you around our little farm here. I’ll let it take over now. (BTW, it is my ‘Mom’s Take 3 Sock’. If you are not up-to-date, I will explain later.)




This is the 150+ year old farmhouse. Very cozy, it makes me smile!

I love the lilac bushes outside, they smell pretty!

(Maybe if I get close enough, I will smell pretty, too! Perhaps this is a way to attract a partner and avoid SSS?)

We have lots of barns. This is called the hay barn.

Inside the barn, there is… 


…HAY! (I’m trying to get back to my roots)

We also have other silos, although no one really uses them anymore,…

…and farm equipment, which obviously isn’t used much.

(Grandpa is a pack-rat. I would show you inside the barn, but he might not like that. Just imagine eight washing machines, two exercise bikes, four ladders, six weed whackers…)

I have tried to make some friends.The dog ignored me, although she would probably just chew on me.

The kittens like me though! (Maybe I do smell nice from the lilacs!)

We also have a garden (we have a few, plus some hay fields!)

The faint structure is the greenhouse on the horizon that Husband is building. We hope to have lots of yummy vegetables this summer.

After all of that walking, I’m worn out. I think I’ll take a break here on the swing. Glad you could stop by!

Oh, Bats!

Today was a great day. I feel one of the best I have had in a while. Although, it did start out pretty strange.

I woke up this morning, not really fully awake, and went to the kitchen to make breakfast. I felt something fly by head. I turned to see what it was, and saw a bat flying right at me! I ducked (and probably squeaked). A bat was in my kitchen. Yes, it woke me up pretty quick, too.

We (of course I didn’t deal with the bat by myself! would you?!) opened the doors and tried to block its way into other parts of the house. We didn’t have to encourage it, it only took a few minutes before it figured out how to get out. We’re not sure how it got in, maybe through the basement? Even knowing the bat would most likely not run into you, it was pretty disconcerting to have it fly straight at you and veer away at the last second.

My students also kept me pretty entertained. We had adaptation projects due in biology. Some of my students started off by giving me chocolate “because you are such a great teacher”. I told them thank you, but I don’t succumb to bribes. They quickly corrected me and said it was purely for appreciation, as they would never think to bribe me. (There seemed to be a hint of sarcasm. Maybe it was just me.)

The projects were pretty great. They had to create a bird that had adaptations that let it survive given certain obstacles. Sadly, one bird was voted off the island only survived two of the five challenges. The rest were great, and some were down-right amusing. One group had developed a ‘regurgitation chamber’ to help the bird stay cool; an extra stomach held water, then the bird “ralphed” (their word) on itself to cool it down. Another group made a video in the style of Jeff Corwin. It was hilarious.

And when I got home today, I found my invitation to join Ravelry in my inbox! I have become more and more curious as I have seen people talking about it on their blogs. Now I get to play there myself!

I haven’t been doing a lot of knitting because I have been doing a lot of grading. However, with only 20 days left, it won’t be much longer until I have lots of free knitting time.