Problem Fixed!

Davis has solved my picture problem. Yay! And it was not my nagging post about him not fixing it that put him over the edge. Anyway, seeing as I have to be at work early tomorrow, I will post about knitting.



Maybe if I tell people…

I have been knitting a little less since my break has ended. I did finish another pair of socks. I gave these to my sister at her birthday party.

So she has two pairs now. And I have none. I also finished the poncho I was working on.

See what happens when I tell people I don’t want to do something? I get it done. It is a bit large for the cousin I had in mind, and all of my other bigger cousins wouldn’t fit it either. It almost fits me. Maybe I need to work on the math thing. Like actually believing the gauge when it tells me that it will measure 21 inches across the rectangle. I have also learned that my picture files are too large, and that is why my page loads slow for some people. Maybe if I tell people that my husband said he would help fix the problem on my blog, he will then get right on it. Just like my poncho.

Happy Birthday Ella!

Hooray! My sister is 24 today! (No, that does not make me feel old at all. Especially not after my MD told me that I was old enough now to have my cholesterol checked yesterday.) For her birthday, Ella got my first completed pair of adult size socks. (I had many false starts. I’m sure you understand.) 

 These are made from Patons Kroy Sock Yarn in colorway Krazy Stripes. The pattern is one I made up from failed attempts at other socks. (I actually tried to knit three other pairs before I did these. The first pair I did not like the way the pattern was looking as I got to the heel. The second I started, and I liked the pattern better. Then I started a third set, because I got some new yarn, and wanted to use the one color right away. Then, after knitting almost to the toe, I realized that this sock would not fit my slim-ankled sister, but a 8ft tall basketball player with chunky ankles. So I then became concerned about pair #2, reworked the calculations and determined that they were not as bad as pair #3. But still wouldn’t fit my sister.) Anyway, now she is enjoying the first cuddly pair of socks. I almost kept them.

Goals 2007

Ok, I don’t like the whole resolution thing, because it seems hokey to me. But I do have some goals I would like to achieve this year. Knitting goals:

  • knit myself a poncho
  • knit myself a pair of socks
  • make something with cables
  • make something with colorwork
  • design something
  • get a design published somewhere (maybe I’ll have to resort to here, however, I would rather have something more official, if you know what I mean)

Other goals:

  • Finish a mountain bike race
  • Read at least one classic novel

In knitting news, I have been working on a pair of socks that my mom requested.


 These are the Fancy Silk Socks from Knitting Vintage Socks that I got for xmas. She chose the yarn (Magic Stripes, Lumberjack) and the pattern. I don’t know if you can see the lace-work too well. This is perhaps the most labor intensive knitting I’ve done, because you can’t memorize the pattern, as every other row out of 12 is different. Maybe the socks are labor intensive, however the Apple Picker’s Basket-Weave Poncho that I am knitting for my cousin has taken forever compared to other things I have knit (since September. Obviously I have not undertaken any huge projects.)

 I am about 4 repeats from done the second panel, then I have to graft the pieces together. I’m very bored with this project, which is probably why it isn’t done yet. 

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope this year is the best year of your life.

I am still working on the blog style, however I think it is coming along nicely. I even have a title for my blog now.

My loving family tried to help me come up with a name the other night. None of them are knitters, although they tried their best, bless them. It started off innocently enough, them giving me names, most of which have already been claimed by knitters. Then my sister started giving out bad poetry, and my husband took it from there. Here are some of the most painful noteworthy comments of the night.

Ella: Two rows diverged at needles end, and I took the one less raveled.

Davis: Tough actin’ Scarf-action

Ella: I’m needles and you’re yarn, anything you throw at me I make something of.

Davis: Someone knit me a brain

Ella: Anything you can knit, I can knit better.

Davis: Knit your face.

And together, they came up with: YARN = Young and Rusty Needles.

No, there was no alcohol involved.


I have always wanted my own little world, and now I have one! I am starting a blog, mostly because I want to share my knitted experiences with other who share my interest, especially since my family and most of my friends are insane for thinking knitting is boring uninformed about the joys of knitting.

I have been knitting for one year and one month. And yes, I would consider myself obsessed. I started to learn when I was younger from my grandmother, but never really took off with knitting. I have wanted to relearn for a few years, and last year I saw some cheap yarn and needles around Thanksgiving, so I bought some and plunged write in. My husband bought me the Stitch n Bitch book for Christmas, which was very helpful for learning how to knit. In return, I knit him this warm cozy hat that was one of the patterns in the aforementioned tome:

.Knit Hat

I have also knit 6 scarves, 2 pairs of adult socks, a pair of baby socks, a baby sweater, 2 other hats, a ninja mask, a few washcloths, and 3 wire napkin holders. I have also crocheted a few beaded braclets.

I am currently working on a pair of socks, a childs poncho, and more wire napkin holders.

Continue to check back soon, I am working on completing the display of my blog.