It's A Yarn Party

Today I went to the Homespun Yarn Party in Savage Mills. Mia told me to go, so I went.

There were a bunch of local vendors, most with yarn!


There were also people there that I knew from other yarny places, like MDS&W, knit group, and Ravelry. Good times were had by all. (Especially the people huffing fiber!)


I love these bags that Leslie made!


And this yarn really begged to come home with me (it might not be in my hands now, but just you wait!)


I got some cards to support the Yarn Party, which are Mia’s work.


And some yarn, because I have been putting off buying from Gryphon for years, and she has the best colors! It was hard to only bring a few home.

IMG_1118 IMG_1123

I also realized today that I haven’t shown you my socks to date, but the first pictures I took were blurry, and there isn’t very good light left today. Maybe tomorrow.

On a non-fiber note, my student intern is going to be finished teaching this week, so I will have to start teaching my students again. Not that it is all bad, I was just getting a lot organized at school. Hopefully I can get all of the sewing I want to accomplish done soon as well, because the baby has less than 2 months left!

Progress and Color

My knitting is growing slowly but surely. The baby pants I am making are getting closer to having the same length leg, although there is still a bit to go.


The stripes are lining up pretty well, which I was worried about after I started the second leg.IMG_1584

The scarf is growing also, about double the width it was before. Now it is a whole two inches wide!IMG_1585 IMG_1591

Part of the reason it takes so long to grow is how long the scarf is going to be. I can’t tell precisely the length as it gets bunched up over the needles, even on two 23″ cables! Safe to say, this scarf is going to be exactly what I wanted; A long, colorful, thin-fabric scarf that I can wrap a bunch of times around my neck or leave hanging past my coat!

I have been playing with which color comes next. I purchased a sample pack from Sharing on Etsy a while ago, and decided to use them in this scarf, since I can get a number of rows out of them. She makes shorter color repeats, so you get variation over the length of the scarf. So at different spots you can see different colors. I can’t wait to wear this one!

Another Short Interlude

I will be going out of town this weekend again. I still haven’t recapped last weekend where I went to the MAEOE conference. Oh well.

Two notes of interest. First, my students have started sending me gifts, including these bibs made by her mom who has her own business (I don’t have permission to post her info, so if you want it, email me).


Second, this is Davis. He is addicted to Gears of War II. You can find him here most evenings at some point.


Socks Completed!

These took way longer than they absolutely should have. Mostly because I cast on for other projects or was too lazy to go get the first/second sock to compare where I was and how much further I needed to go.


Remember the sock I had destroyed? Now I have one big sock and two baby socks!


So cute! Already matching mama’s things! (Except now I only have one sock.)

A Solo Shoe Act

I saw a cute pattern when I was at knit group two weeks ago, and I acquired said pattern, even though it was crochet and I don’t know how to read a crochet pattern, because said pattern was so cute.

I cast on for said pattern, worked my way through the stitches, even though I wasn’t sure what hdc stood for or dtc, and completed half of a pair of Baby MJ Skimmers! (rav link)



So when I went to cast on for the second of the shoes, I had already looked up the terms I didn’t know, and how to do them, and forgot how I attempted them the first time around, and now I cannot get the second one to match! This one took me probably a total of 4-5 hours to complete, and since I am now more comfortable and know how to read a pattern, I could probably do it faster. This means that it will be much less hassle to just leave this one and make another pair that will be easier to match. So that is what I’m going to do.

Now what shall I do with one slipper? I was thinking that I could make a key-ring decoration from this, or I could use it as decoration for the baby’s room. I could stuff a catnip pillow in it and make a cat toy. Got any other suggestions?!

Updated Part 3 – Paradise

Sorry to taunt all of you* who have been stuck in the cool and cold climates of North America recently, but I had an opportunity and I couldn’t resist.

A friend of ours decided that they were getting married in St. Thomas. So hubby and I hopped on a plane last weekend, and jetted to a Caribbean island for an extended weekend get-away.


80 degree weather, crystal clear water, blue sky, and sand!


This was our beach at the resort.


There were some athletic activities in addition to sunbathing.


Also some fire-dancers that put on a show.

We went snorkeling as well, but didn’t have an underwater camera. It was awesome! We saw lots of fish, a variety of coral, sea urchins, anemones, some squid, and even a sea turtle! The following pictures are from an underwater observatory we visited:


There was a bunch of other land-based life as well that was beautiful (in February!). Click to embiggen.


The actual wedding was held on a terrace over looking the bay behind the resort. They couldn’t have asked for a nicer day.


Don’t they look happy? Why shouldn’t they, they just got married in paradise!


Then the guests all went for a sail


to watch the sunset.


It was great, and both hubby and I had a great time. We are sad that we had to come home though, hopefully it will be warm here soon!



*not actually sorry at all. you wouldn’t be either if you could travel to the Caribbean!

Updated Part 2 – Beach with Puppies

I went to visit my Nana at the beginning of Feb. She lives along the east coast, about 1-2 miles from the shore. My mom and sister went with me, and even though it was cold, we took a walk along the beach. My sister’s new puppy went with us. I wanted to share some images from that trip, although it has been a while.








We also went shopping, where I set my mom and my sister loose in the baby clothing stores. What fun!

A Sad Day for Crafting

So apparently one of the many things I have missed while not being connected to the internets is the fact that Craft Magazine will no longer be publishing their magazine in print! Instead content will be online and/or merged with their original publication, Make.

I’ll miss my Craft editions, but I’m glad that they are still going to be offering crafty links/suggestions/projects. Plus, Hubby gets Make so I will get to see what is put in there as well.

Updated Part 1 – Generalness

Well I now have my computer back up and running! Tech support (aka the husband) says that he doesn’t know what I do to my computers, but it needs to stop. I say I’m not doing anything out of the ordinary, but he doesn’t believe me. I have been through at least 3 wireless thing-a-ma-bobs that connect me to the internet, but who is counting?!

I will be telling you big things that I have done over the next few days, but first the random, somewhat small, details!

There has been knitting, in fact I have actually finished something!


Tada! My first BSJ! (I say first because I am sure I will want to make more at some point). The pattern was simple to follow with the help of a cheat-sheet from a fellow knitter, but the jacket is pretty intuitive in folding once you bind off. It wants to fold itself, or so it seemed to me. The biggest problem with this was finding buttons from my crafting supplies that I liked and had enough of for the sweater. Here are some variations I passed up. (The color of the yarn is much more accurate in these pictures)


I also had Davis model it for size comparison.


It is made from Trekking Pro Natura, and I think it will fit a newborn, maybe up to 3 mo. The yarn is a combo of bamboo and wool, so it won’t be too hot during the summer months.

All of my other knitting is pretty boring at this point. Not much progress on any one thing.


My belly has been growing. It is interesting to see by how much since the last month’s photos. You don’t truly appreciate the change in your girth when you live with it day-to-day! (or when you can only see it from the top most of the time!) Baby moves around frequently now, and is reaching more areas with tiny hands and feet that can be sensitive!

I signed up for a class to learn to spin on a wheel later this summer, I have read a bunch of books, I dried some bananas that were on sale for 25 cents a lb, and I have started working on the sewing for the baby’s room. Not so much to show here, but I will share the final results when I get there!

As for the rest, I guess I will have to update you later! I’m going to go read the rest of the 300+ blog posts I missed over the last bit of time!