Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

So I know you all miss me very much!

I haven’t posted in a while, due to a couple of things. First, I have been kept pretty busy, which I will show you when I can log into my computer again and get my pictures and such. Second, my computer has been inoperable for over a week, so I have not had a chance to get on and send messages my usual way. Husband says he will have that fixed this weekend.

See you soon! I missed you too!

Progress You Can See!

I told you I have been knitting, but I can see as how you might doubt me due to lack of actual knitted items appearing here. So I give you actual knitting content!


These are the princess mitts that were released as a free pattern from The Knitters Book of Yarn. I made them for a friend of mine who requested fingerless mitts to wear when she worked at the farmers market in the winter. The yarn she picked out is Patons Soy Wool Stripes. I needed two balls of yarn, and as you can tell, the balls did not start or stop in the same place, so the stripes are slightly off. But she loves them anyway.

Hopefully I get some more knitting time this weekend and I can give you more knitting content soon!

Dear Jess,

You will be happy to know that I have finally finished the last book in the Twilight series. (If you are at all interested in these and do not want spoilers because you are even slower at reading these then me, do not read the rest. Just saying) (Also, if you are not interested in these books, don’t bother reading the post, because that is all this is about)

The first book was good, the second was not quite as good, and the third book seemed to me to be filler. Turned out to be somewhat necessary, but still seemed to have a less directional story line than the others.

But the fourth book?!

First, let me qualify that I understand that reading about vampires and werewolves in and of it self takes some imagination. I know that this is a fictional story, but it is a good story, and I can become enmeshed in the story enough to suspend reality.


First, she gets pregnant from DEAD SPERM! (I don’t care how many chromosomes it has, but you expect me to believe that female vampire eggs cannot be fertilized but male vampire sperm can still make babies?!!!) I can believe that there is magic and supernatural powers at work in the world, but to suspend my understanding of biological concepts is hard when you stress it like that. Then, to top it off, the baby takes ONE MONTH to grow to full term gestation????

Then, THE FRICKING WEREWOLF IMPRINTS ON THE HALF-VAMPIRE BABY??!!! Come on! Seriously?! You expect me to believe that there isn’t something in his DNA that thinks that she ‘smells bad’ or is as bad as the rest of them??? Of all of the preposterous things! And then, everything is ok after that? That Bella isn’t like normal newborn vampires? And that she gains such control over her powers in such a short amount of time? And that her parents and everyone else have no problems accepting the transformation? And that they can talk themselves out of the Volturi attacks that easily? (Sorry, but Aro seemed very wishy-washy in his reasoning.)




For Other Babies

There are a few other babies being born around work again this year. So I have started with the baby-gift making. This is the first one, the baby of our athletic director. So I made some bibs.


The best one is this that I designed an embroidered image for.


Our mascot is the falcon. I can see making this for other co-workers in the future, so to remember for myself, I used DMC 436, 344, black and white.

Aliens in my Bedroom

I have been knitting and sewing, but nothing has made any progress that would be of interest in pictures. Currently in sewing I have been working on bibs for other people at work who are having babies. When I get some done, I’ll post pictures.

As for my baby, we painted the room today. It just needs touched up around the edges, but it’s pretty noticeable.


In fact, it seems that there is something other-worldly coming from the room. Don’t be afraid though, it’s just the color of the room.


Or maybe you should be afraid. It is hard to judge how it will look when we remove the tape and take off the green drop-cloth, but I’m not sure if I like it yet. It was brighter than this an hour ago when the sun was stronger. I’ll have to feel it out over the next couple of days.


That is what things have felt like the past few days. Being sick, I didn’t want to do anything except sleep and read a little bit. Today I went back to work, and it felt like I was so far behind! I hate missing a day due to being sick, I always feel like I have missed several days for just one.

So I don’t have much to show, but I did want to share an amusing comment from this evening. We were talking on the couch, and I had asked hubby about whether he had called someone, and he said no.

Me: Procrastinator!

Him: Look who’s talking!

Me: I’m not procrastinating. I’m multi-tasking. I’d like to see you knit, carry on a conversation, and grow a baby at the same time!

Earth Friendly and all that

So that sewing that was giving me trouble with my machine was a reusable tote bag to use when I go to the store or where ever.


I got the fabric preprinted, but on sale so they were not too expensive, so I could make some more totes for Hubby and I. We have a few bags, but most are purchased from grocery stores, and are that plastic-y thin fabric, hard to repair when they rip, and don’t hold up for too terribly long (although I have had them for over a year). I have been wanting to make more, and these are a nice thick canvas which will hold up well and be easy to repair. Now I have to make a few more. The sewing is quick, and since they are printed on the canvas, they are pretty easy to cut out, which is good because it is getting harder to sit on the floor and bend over cutting things out with my belly :o) Guess I better cut out the rest of the baby stuff I want to sew, before it gets too cumbersome!

BTW: Congratulations go out to Miss Scarlet! She is the winner of the baby clothing pattern give-away! Let me know what you make, I’m sure it will be cute!

It's fixed!

Yay! I can sew now!


I don’t know what the problem was, but I put a new needle on and rethreaded the machine. (It looked like the top thread was wrapped funny, but I can’t be sure.) Or my sister’s presence made it work right. Anyhow, it works again!

Today I am going to clean and craft and go to my husbands company holiday party. (They usually have it in January). I might even find time to take a nap.

Don’t forget to enter for the pattern drawing, it ends today!

It's Not Too Late to Start Now!

As I am less than 10 days from fulfilling my goal of buying books for a whole year (Read it! 358 days without buying books for me!), I am thinking of revamping my list for the 101 days. I was considering at first that this might be against the ‘rules’, but a) these are my goals, and who is going to lock me up if I do things my own way? and b) no one stays the same, not from day to day or year to year, and with the big changes coming up in my life, my priorities are shifting (babies will do that, I’m told), hence my goals would probably change as well.

So I have been rethinking what I want to accomplish in the remaining 600+ days left of my 101 challenge. Here are some of the items I’m thinking I want to add or change about my list:

  • Have a baby (definitely going to take some effort on my part, so I think it counts)
  • Plant mums around the house in fall of 09
  • Put together a cookbook
  • Paint nursery
  • Sew a diaper bag
  • Hang wind chimes I was given 3 years ago.

Some of the things I don’t think I want to do anymore include:

  • Design a shawl
  • Finish the ninja mask I was working on
  • Write lesson plans over the summer
  • Keep a food journal

Plus, there are lots of things on my list that I still want to do, however I don’t know that I want to do them right now. I want to continue crafting, and make a business out of it, however I don’t know what direction I want to head in. I would like to make more stuff for myself, and I’m not sure how much time I will have in the future for these things. I have tons of ideas but not as much follow-through, which I need to work on.

And then yesterday, over on futuregirl’s blog, I read about her challenge for herself about her crafting. She echoed some of the same thoughts I was having about the amount of crafting stuff that I have.


Do I really need more fabric? (Especially cottons?)


Do I need more embroidery supplies?


Or yarn?

There have always been those who have said ‘Of course you can never have enough’, but in the light of my desire to consume less and be more environmentally aware, I think I have enough things to use now. This is a personal choice for me. Plus I have so many unfinished projects lying around, I probably am having problems with committing to my crafting pursuits since I do have so many choices.


So I am going to commit to using only crafting supplies from my stash. My only fall back is to spend $50 this year in case I need small supplies to finish projects. (I’m doing a bit more that futuregirl due to the fact that I don’t know if I can finish all of the projects with less than that. I will try to keep it under control though.) I put a section on my sidebar to keep track. If I can wait this long for books, I can wait a while to buy more stuff I’m not using.

I know I have all of the supplies needed to finish the projects I have started. I have everything I need to make the stuff I want for the baby. I might have some problems with MD Sheep & Wool, but I can control my urges, just pet the pretty stuff, right?!



Ok, so my $50 does not cover major repair costs, right?! I was working on a reusable bag, and my sewing machine started having problems catching the bobbin thread, causing a tangle at the back of the work! Grrr! I have tried to clean it, but it didn’t fix the problems. So, now I have to pay for repairs.