Finishing Fiend

I have not blogged in two weeks and I have much to catch up on.  Today’s post is going to be part one of the going-ons, so I will not have you get bored and doze off in the middle of my long, drawn-out ramblings. (If you get bored anyway, just don’t tell me)

I have finished a few of my projects I was planning on! The first one is not knitting related, but I’m happy with it just the same.

My sister and I got some feral cats fixed, so while we were waiting, we went to a grocery store we don’t normally visit to get some items, and Ella was very excited by the bulk candy section.

Look at all that candy! And the excitement! It was just like being a kid again. (Don’t worry mom, we didn’t ruin our dinner)

Then we went home and turned this

into this.

Oh apple butter, how I love thee! This was so good, I have already finished off one jar. I think I’ll make more soon.

I also dried some pears while I was on a roll, they are so good, it is hard to keep them around.

Ella was very exhausted by all of the work we accomplished (or maybe she was coming down from her sugar high) and decided enough was enough. The fluffies kept watch to make sure nothing happened. They were not impressed with my picture-taking.

The same weekend I also went to Sit and Knit, where I got most of my second fingerless glove done, and had it completed that evening. So now I have a pair, which I have been wearing every chance I get. I love them! The only problem I am having is that the yarn, Knit Picks Palette, is pilling pretty badly. Otherwise, they are awesome!

This evening, after much knitting over my holiday travels, I have also finished my Mom’s Take 3 Socks! The ones I have been trying to make since January, with versions 1.0 and 2.0 being frogged or in a time capsule! The ones which I have had to knit 4 socks to get right for her! Presenting…

… a completed pair!

In one month, I have managed to reduce my project count from 10 to 3. Not all of them are done, some have been frogged, which is the topic for tomorrow’s entry! See you then!

look how good my stripes match!

0 thoughts on “Finishing Fiend

  1. Your mom’s socks are awesome – she’ll love ’em!

    Yummmm – apple butter. I don’t think I’ve had that since I was a kid and my mom made it – got a good recipe you can share? 😉


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