Where have I been?

I keep having this post in my head. I write about what I have been up to, and where I have been, and new items to me. It just isn’t happening though. I wasn’t knitting and I wasn’t sewing and I wasn’t ever at my computer. So I thought I should write a post just to get something out, now that I am knitting again and sitting at my computer. No pictures though, that will come later.

School has started again, and my classes are pretty good. I have a student teacher who is awesome and I think will be great at teaching once she gets into it. I was working long hours until last week, so hence no knitting or blog-reading.

I have been working on some projects. I finished the scarf I started a few weeks ago. I have since started two other projects, both of which don’t look like much. I’ll have pictures next time.

I love that it is fall, with the weather and the leaves changing. I love this time of year, even though it is particularly busy. Davis has a birthday coming up, and soon it will be our anniversary. We don’t know what we are doing yet.

What have you been doing in my absence? Anything exciting?

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