Christmas Part 1

School is over for the year, and today was the last day. Being that it was a half day, it wasn’t too stressful, and a number of students didn’t even show up. However it was very funny during my AP Environmental Science class, because I had them write APES theme holiday songs, which the wandered about the school caroling today. I’ll have to share some with you at some point. (I wish I could share some video!) One started something like this:

O Environment,

O Environment,

Deforestation kills you

When water runs,

Across the ground

Erosion moves

The soil around

It was quite entertaining.

This past weekend we spent with my mom, dad, sis, and her husband, as we had Christmas with my family. We are going out of town to visit husband’s relatives for the actual day, so we try to get together on another day for us.


(My sister makes a lot of funny faces!) There was lots of animal activity, which kept all entertained.


There was snuggling,


And smiles!


I like to give my family gifts they enjoy, even though I didn’t make anything for them this year.


I got some maternity clothes, a few books, and some hot-iron transfer pencils! (yes!) I did get one knitting-related present from my friend Jess earlier in the week. I’ll have to take some time over my break to look through it.


So I’ll be leaving to go to NY, near Rochester, then we will be vacationing in Toronto. Hope we get snow! (But that it isn’t too cold!)

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