Dear Jess,

I think I’m addicted. I don’t think we need to stage an intervention yet, but if you understand the force of my attraction, there may need be one in the future. I’m just warning you…

I have not been doing much crafting per se, (baking for the holidays) but this weekend with the impending snowstorm we got, I felt the need to cast on for an afghan which is to be gifted to a friend. I had decided on the yarn (stash), method (crochet for speed), and pattern a while ago. So I sat down and did the maths, did a small (like 10 stitches) swatch to try out the pattern, then cast on and away I went.

Now Jess, I knew that crochet was fast. I didn’t know how fast. I also totally expected to get frustrated with my lack of skilz as a hooker (hah!) and the yarn I was using being fussy. But no, not so. Even Davis mentioned that maybe I should do this type of ‘knitting’ (forgive him, he’s a muggle) because it goes so much faster than my usual. Even with baby care, cleaning, holiday baking, snow removal, I feel like I am zooming! The yarn itself is hiding all of my mistakes modifications, and isn’t that fussy at all. It doesn’t hurt that it is bulky weight yarn on a K hook either.

And the colors! I used this random stripe generator, and I love how the color changes make me feel! The speed just makes it even better because before I can even think of being bored, it’s time to switch to a new color. Some of these colors you look at and think that they have no business being together. But in this fashion, it makes it seem elegant. Wait until it is finished!!

I now have visions swimming in my head of many of these projects in a variety of variations as gifts for others. I even want one for myself! Maybe one for the bed in our bedroom, and Riley will want her own, plus one for when she grows to her ‘big girl’ bed. Also I could make these supper quick as baby gifts!

Because this… this is like crack. 48 hours, this is what I have…



0 thoughts on “Hooked

  1. Ha ha! I think we have switched places! I have started knitting, and you have started hooking! I still love crochet, and am in fact making a Christmas tree skirt for myself as we speak (yes, I know Christmas is over, I will pack it up for next year). But I have felt the call of the knitting needles, and I cannot ignore it! Those patterns for lacy shawls, flat sweaters, and awesome cowls! Ack! I love my crochet, but there are a LOT of things that just look better when knit, you know? So Mike got me a “learn to knit” book for Christmas and I am needling away. So far I have made a garter-stitch eyelet-edged dishcloth, and I’m pretty pleased with it (will blog later once I get a new memory stick for my camera). I have plans for future projects, but first I have to get more than one pair of knitting needles – ha! I will admit the thought of circular knitting freaks me out, but I am going to try that soon, too. I figure, jump right in and figure it out as I go, right?
    Congrats on your afghan – crochet is awesome for finishing things quickly, which is especially nice for gifts. I am planning on starting my Christmas gifts early this year so I can focus on knititng throughout the year as well. Up next: a crochet popcorn and cranberry garland for my MIL and SIL. It’ll be Christmas all year around here at the rate I’m going!
    I’m so happy to see you hooking up a storm! Especially with the newness of motherhood and the fact that Riley is probably causing you a lot more work lately now that she’s starting to get more curious and/or mobile, crocheting is the way to go. Plus, I personally find it easier to hook with a baby on my chest than to knit that way. 🙂


    ps. Mike calls my crochet “knitting,” too, even though he claims to understand that there’s a difference. I love your term for it – they are SO Muggles, in this sense!


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