With this smoothie…

This smoothie is not pretty. It is not artfully staged, no filters have been applied, no lighting was adjusted. The backdrop is my own house, in all of its natural glory. I improvised, and it doesn’t even really taste good.

This smoothie is my re-dedication to myself. A moment of re-commitment to my health and well-being. No, it is not pretty or sexy, it is not even delicious or indulgent. At least not indulgent in a naughty way. I struggle frequently with staying on a healthy track, at least to my mind. Many people comment about how I appear to lead a healthy lifestyle, and to their impression of what they see, they would be correct. Admittedly, I probably am more healthy that your average American, maybe more healthy than many in the affluently developed world are. Though I will point out, it is always a practice, health and wellness, not perfection. You may have heard this before, or this may be new to you, but this is the truth; daily habits and intentions that you refine over infinite time is what it is about, not the image you have of yourself at the end. Inevitably, along the way, that image will continue to change, and your ability to embrace that change, to repeatedly return to the practice, is what will lead you on a path that will ultimately lead you to a fulfilling life.

So with this smoothie, I say that I will continue to work on my practice. I will follow the path my practice takes, and do the work that is necessary.

That’s a lot to put on a smoothie.

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