Weekend Past, School Present, Knitting Future

So this past weekend, I was at a place called Big Bear Lake, for Husband’s 24 hour mnt bike race. He and three other guys ride their bikes from noon Saturday until noon Sunday. They take turns, relay style, even at night. Here are some pictures of said race.

Husband getting ready for his first lap

Almost Dark when he is finished

Is Husband trying to be like Vin Diesel?

I did some knitting on socks, however not much, since I a) left my instructions at home, and b) didn’t want my knitting to smell like campfire smoke.

I also started and finished Knitting Under the Influence. My dad got it for me for Christmas this year, and I had just finished the book I was reading (Judas Unchained) before the weekend struck, so I packed it to take with me. It was fluff, not normally what I would read (I’m a sci-fi/fantasy type of gal), however it was good ‘for fun’ reading, and went quickly, even though it was fairly predictable. It surprised me that there was as much reference to knitting as it was, and you could tell that the author knits because of the terms and techniques that are mentioned. The best part of the book is the drink recipes at then end. They are named after the projects the girls in the book work on. Very nice touch. If anyone has another knitting book/novel they would like to trade, I would be happy to swap. I believe postage is $2-something for media, which would be cheaper than buying it.

Presently, I have 3 days left of school, 2 with students. I have been doing some labs and hands-on activities of late, so they are really enjoying the past few weeks. On Friday, we dissected rotting logs to look for what lives in them. It was great. I would share pictures, but there is that whole student confidentiality/protection thing.

As to the future, I have halted progress on almost all projects for one reason or another (to discuss another day) although the main reason for all of them is that I need to finish my Hogwarts Sock Swap Socks. So I will be frantically knitting them today and tomorrow, to get them in the mail by Friday. I think I can finish them, as they are on fairly large gauge.

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