Kitty TV

Davis asked for the Planet Earth DVD’s for X-mas, and being the wonderful, loving, caring, thoughtful wife that I am, I purchased them for him. We have watched two, and as amazing and entertaining as the wild things in the videos are, the ones in our own living room were pretty entertaining as well.

When animals started moving across the screen, both cats decided to take an interest. From that point on they watched pretty faithfully.

Then a crow cawed and Mim (the fluffy one) ran to the window to see if she could find it. (That is one smart kitty if you asked me!) She continued to wander around the speakers, looking for the source of the chirps and squawks she could hear. Then, when the birds of paradise started their mating rituals, she contemplated how to get them out of the TV.

She also was very interested in the red panda, wolves, and sharks :o). As we have only watched two of the shows, and there are many more to come, I’m sure we will see these antics performed again!  

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