Three down!

…and 98 more to go! (and look, I got pictures!)

I finished three of my 101 goals last week. First I finished my cousin’s socks for her birthday.


Happy Birthday B!

I also did some freezer paper stenciling. Some of the images are my own drawings, and some are ones I modified.


This was fun. It wasn’t too hard, and if you had a die-cutter, you could do it faster than cutting each stencil by hand. You can also reuse the stencil a few times, but I had problems with it because I couldn’t get them off without ripping the paper. The little dog with the bone is my favorite!

The third goal I finished was calculating my stash amount and how much I need to knit. As that is a very interesting conversation(ha!), I am going to blog about it later this week. It deserves its own post.

In addition to the progress on my goals, I have been sewing this weekend. (I was very crafty). I sewed a burp cloth.


It has cute embroidery on the edge! (I was playing with my machine. It was great!)


My sewing schedule has been booked for the next little (!) bit. My sister is saving money by cutting up sheets and sewing her own napkins for her wedding. I have about 100 napkins I need to sew by August. Totally doable. I have done a whole whopping two so far.

I also made stitch markers (a while ago) for Suz as her prize from my blogiversary contest. This is them!


(Pic is a bit blurry, but you get the idea!)

Other prizes and items I have given out have been sent as well, but I haven’t heard if people have received them yet.

Hmm, I’ve been a busy bee, haven’t I?!

0 thoughts on “Three down!

  1. Are you going to bring the stitch markers to the group on Saturday? I would love to see them if you do. And at least it is easy for you to delivery them to Suz.


  2. Yes, you have been busy! I’m impressed with your whole list. I wish I could do something like that (it’d be right up my alley), but I think I’d get too stressed out with a list that long! Guess I’d better stick with my short-term to-do lists for the time being…very impressed with your quick progress, and I love the stenciled onesies–so cute!


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