Where has time gone?

I just looked at the clock, and it is 3pm! Already! I feel like it should still be somewhere around the end of morning. I have gotten a bunch accomplished today, which includes:

  • cutting the flannel for the back of my bibs
  • embroidered the last labels for the bibs
  • printed 90 cards for my sister
  • cut a few fabric squares for the cards
  • completed 6 cards
  • sorted the pile of junk on top of my cabinet in my office and put things away
  • printed and placed the first pictures on my inspiration board
  • cleaned off my ironing board
  • read all of the blog posts in my queue
  • organized embroidery supplies
  • listened to a number of podcasts I’m backed up on

Speaking of printing, my cats think that printing is the most exciting thing ever. They come running when they hear it start up. It doesn’t matter where they are, I think they have a special radar. Whether it is mine or my husband’s, they love it.

IMG_4061  IMG_4063

Watching isn’t fun enough, so we have to climb on and see what is going on.

IMG_4064 IMG_4062

And then, when the printing is done, it’s time for a nap, because watching printing makes them tired!


I thought I would have an FO to show you, but when I pulled out the sleeve of the baby sweater I am working on, I looked at the one I was knitting, realized that the one I was working on should be about done, but I knew I wasn’t. I laid the one on top of the other and came to find out it was 1/2" too big! I had to check my pattern and my finished front/back to make sure which one was wrong, then I ripped the one I was working on. (glad it wasn’t the one I had finished, because I would have joined two remnant scraps to make it long enough!) Now I have to finish it, then seam and work the collar. Maybe I’ll have it to show tomorrow!

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