Knitting, What Knitting?

Actually, I was surprised when I went to photograph what I have been working on that I have a bunch of stuff that is on the needles and that I have been working on. Maybe only a few rows here and there, but progress none-the-less.

First, I am still working on the monkey socks. I’m not feeling the love, even though I am almost half way done the second one. Maybe it’s the color (the photo is pretty bad, so don’t judge it by that) or maybe I’m not feeling socks too much. Either way, it’s only gotten about two rows in the past two months.


I started some mitts for a friend, which I am almost done the first one.


She picked the yarn and I picked the pattern. They are pretty quick, but again I only have done a few rows here and there…

Then I did start some baby things. I’m making a baby surprise jacket


and a pair of stripy baby pants.


I’m hoping that both don’t end up being too small. I want to make lots of baby stuff, but I also want to make some sewing and knitting projects for gifts, so these two might take the back seat for a bit.

I did manage to finish one project, back in September. My scarf that I started in a class at Stitches last year.


I’m happy it is done, but it is not really my style. I probably won’t wear it, or I may give it away. We’ll see.

I also have a knitting tragedy to report. One of my projects has succumbed to holey sock syndrome…


Unfortunately this tragedy is not easily reparable. There are two holes near each other in the ball of the foot and I can’t tell if the stitch broke or if it was a dropped stitch in the heel. Either way, even though I love the pattern and color, they are made with STR medium-weight yarn. They are pretty thick, I can’t really wear them with shoes, and the size of the purl stitches hurt my feet if I stand in them too long. So even though this is my first sock casualty, I’m not totally upset by it.

Hopefully I can continue to make progress by just doing a small amount at a time. Maybe I’ll have something done before I know it!

0 thoughts on “Knitting, What Knitting?

  1. Nice work, mamacita!

    I like the colors on that baby sweater a LOT. Pants are way fun, too.

    Cute mitts, too! Are those what you’re making for Bri? She doesn’t seem like a pinky-purpley person.


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