It does get done

This knitting one thing at a time does prove that projects do progress and they will seem to get done faster!


I finished my green monkey socks on Friday. They fit well, I have to wash them, which will cause them to ease a little, so that they are perfect! The pattern I have done before, but I had to give those away. These are all mine! I love the fact that I have another pair of hand-knit socks, and I am happy that I have a project off the needles.


I also had my child-birth classes this weekend. Davis and I both went, and it was ok. But I have been thinking about what relaxes me, and knitting definitely helps me stay calm. I’ve heard other people knit during labor (if anyone has any specific experiences that they know of, I’d like to hear your thoughts about it), so I was deciding that I need a simple, stockinette project to take with me. I think a sweater, in the round, would be great. I especially need to get to the part where it is a straight stretch of knitting, so if I do a raglan from the top down, I would have to work to below the arm-pits. There would have to be no shaping as well. So Davis just might get a sweater out of this birth!

0 thoughts on “It does get done

  1. I found sleeping during labor to be very relaxing, personally. 🙂 That was after the epidural, of course. BEFORE the epidural, I’m not sure it would have been safe for others if I’d had knitting needles in my hands. Ha ha ha. That anesthesiologist would have had his OWN needle-in-the-spine problem to be pissy about then!


  2. I knit a garter stitch scarf for a little bit while in labor waiting for the pitocin to kick in. I had planned to knit during early labor waiting to go to the hospital, but I didn’t really experience early labor. Instead my water broke before I had contractions.

    So I got to the hospital walked for a bit trying to bring on active labor, but didn’t work and so got started on pitocin. Anyway … while waiting for the pitocin to take effect, I got to knit for about 30 min. to an hour. Once the contractions really started, I couldn’t knit anymore. Too painful.

    Knowing that early labor can last for hours, even days, I had totally planned to knit as a distraction and I think it’s doable. But I don’t actually know what a typical early labor feels like… Our birth instructor suggested things like going for a walk or to the movies and out to eat to distract yourself during early labor. My thought: if I can do those things I should be able to knit too.

    But I couldn’t knit during active labor.


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