A Spinning and A Stabbing

Earlier this past week (Monday to be exact) I took a class about spinning on a wheel. It was a one-day class, and we did a little bit of everything. We learned about fiber, washed and dyed some, hand carded, drum carded, and Viking carded small bits of fiber, and learned how to spin. I borrowed a Lendrum wheel to learn on, and made a bit of yarn.


It was good, because now I know how to do it. It wasn’t very hard once I started, it just took some concentration. Me being the impatient person I am, I had to keep reminding myself that I needed to take some time to make it come out even. I am definitely not interested in cleaning fleece or making my own batts at the moment. I also am not intending to buy a wheel, (although a certain someone has promised to let me borrow/try hers, so I am going to hold you to that) anytime soon, since I have so much other ‘stuff’ I want to do, and I am not getting accomplished.

Does anyone else have an experience where their drives and ambitions seem to stutter and fall by the wayside for awhile? Where you are not ‘off’ of your passions, but it doesn’t seem as important anymore?

Anyway, I also did something completely dumb yesterday as well.


I stepped on a very, very sharp DPN, and had to go to the ER to get a tetanus shot. It happened in an accident completely of my own making, and the good thing is that I didn’t drop the baby. It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would, even when pulling the needle out (it went in at least an inch). The wound bleed hardly at all, and the wound itself is unassuming. All in all, the most traumatic part was the 3 hour ER wait and the tetanus shot (which hurts!)

I told Davis that puncture wounds happens occasionally to knitters. So if you wouldn’t mind sharing your stories in the comments so he believes me, I’d appreciate it. (also, tell if you took pictures of your injuries to share. he thought that was amusing as well.)

0 thoughts on “A Spinning and A Stabbing

  1. Ouch! That both looks and sounds painful.

    I have a story for you: I was knitting socks with my Addi 2.5mm circs. I guess I had dropped it on the floor and then I got up and managed to step on a needle. Those needles aren’t very sharp but it still managed to break the skin. Sorry, no pictures.


  2. Yeah for spinning. Bring your yarn Saturday. I will bring Riley’s sweater for you to critique.

    But stupid DPN accident. You bet my drum carder one. But on the plus side, you are up to date with your tetanus shots now.


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