And Crafting Commences

I made something! Finished! It feels great!

I made baby pants, which unfortunately do not fit my baby


But fortunately they will probably fit someone else’s, so will probably work well as a gift!

I was afraid I made them too short in the waist and legs, so I didn’t do a great job hemming them. Plus, as my serger does not have a pedal or electric cord, I have raw seams that will fray. But no fear. I have altered the pattern to 6mo sizing, and will be making Riley some shortly. Although she won’t be in them for long.

I have also started some mittens for her, which I have already ripped out about 6 times, since I finally figured out my plan then realized I didn’t have enough yarn to make a set.

Hopefully more crafting in the near future! And maybe I can track down serger parts!

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