Something to Look Forward to…

I am very busy. As you might guess, being that I’m still a fairly new mom. I can barely believe that my girlie will be 6th months soon! Times are flying, I’m trying to savor every moment.

I have been making lots of baby food. Pumpkin, squashes, applesauce, swiss chard, and more all getting cooked and pureed and frozen into cubes. Making baby food is so easy, and it smells (and probably tastes!) way better than the stuff that comes in a can. Plus, I can make so much more variety, so she doesn’t eat a sum total of five foods for the first 6 months! She loves food too, don’t you dare run out either or she will scream bloody murder!


Isn’t she cute?

Thanks to all of the people who have older children and keep writing on your blogs! For the few times I can read them, they make me feel secure in the fact that some day I will have more time for what I want. At least you all make it seem that way!

0 thoughts on “Something to Look Forward to…

  1. You will. Little by little you will be able to reclaim your time (and your life). My kids are 9 and 12 now, and it’s wonderful. I loved them as babies, but I enjoy them more and more as they get older and can do more and more. They drive me crazy, but they are also the joy of my life, as yours will undoubtedly be for you. I can’t even imagine being my age and never having had kids. For me, at least, that would have been tragic. Enjoy your baby…and your toddler, your tween, your teenager….she’ll always be yours. 🙂


  2. It might get harder for a while when she becomes more mobile and gets into everything, but then it gets easier when they gain some more independence.
    I can’t believe how much hair she has – those pigtails are TOO cute!


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