Etsy Yarn Love

Etsy is a wonderful site, and the artists there, beyond the ones I mention here, deserve our support. Even if it is just passing the word on if we can’t shop here ourselves now due to budget constraints. Like me. These are some of the yarns I have been drooling over, found on Etsy. (Yes, you may call me an enabler.) There are many other sites to drool over in addition to these, so take a look around if you don’t already.

First, Sedona from FearlessFibers


Beach House from CherryBlossomFibers


And Sunrise from mysmallwonders


Scratch Art from DyeabolicalYarns


Hand dyed hand painted lace yarn in Maiden Grass from TheFiberDenn (comes with a pattern for Gretchen Shawl, which is beautiful!)


Not yarn, but the yarn it makes is awesome! Plum Tree from Greenwood Fiberworks


0 thoughts on “Etsy Yarn Love

  1. Damn you! Everything is so beautiful! I’ve been wanting to order from Fearless Fibers but so far have managed to resist. I can’t wait to see what you make with all your goodies.


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